Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is

Click to expand… was conceived and created by Bradley Davis, an enthusiastic Hobie Sailor and HCANA Class Officer (2022-current), as a way to assist the Hobie Class Association of North America with membership dues collection on a modern e-commerce platform offering automatic recurring payments. The HCANA Board of Directors unanimously approved the proposal to transition membership management from to on December 15, 2023. This change does NOT affect regatta registration — only membership management and payment of dues. is securely hosted by A2Hosting in Michigan and is tailormade using one of the most popular combinations of e-commerce software, WordPress and Woo Commerce. Credit Card payments are safely and securely processed by Stripe.

How do I renew my HCANA membership?

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If you have ever been a HCANA member, your membership data (e.g. member number, home address, HCANA division, and HCANA fleet number) have already been imported from the previous regatta network database. If this is your first time to, you must reset your password then login. You can login with your membership number or your email address. Select the membership option you want and during checkout, you will see your address information pre-loaded. Please update your address information to match your credit card billing/statement address or your payment may fail.

If you never receive the password reset email, please send an email to to have your password manually reset.

Can automatic recurring payments be disabled?

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YES! After you sign up and pay for your membership, just follow these 3 steps (see screenshot below for a visual):

  1. Click “My Account” from the menu at the top right of the page
  2. Click “My Subscription” from the left side menu
  3. Click the toggle button next to “Auto renew” (there is no “save” button – the change is instant)

These steps will instantly deactivate automatic renewals and allow you to manually renew in January of the subsequent year.

Most importantly DO NOT CANCEL your order to remove recurring payments.

How do I verify I’m a current member?

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The easiest way to verify your membership is to login and click “My Account” from the menu at the top right of the page. You will see your HCANA Member Number in bold near the top of the page (your member number alone does not confirm you are paid and in good standing). Click “My Subscription” on the menu at the left side menu to show the status of your membership. Don’t confuse your subscription number with your membership number.

Another way to verify your membership is to consult the HCANA Membership List which lists all currently paid members sorted by last name. If you think you are a paid member in good standing and don’t see your name or additional family members’ names listed please contact

If you are registering for an event on and need to verify your membership, you can use the “Look Up My Number” feature on the registration form. Just enter your email address and it will show your member ID number and your membership status (i.e. “active” meaning paid and in good standing, or “inactive” meaning you still need to select or renew your membership). Please note: if your membership includes additional family members, you should enter the family member’s name on the registration form, but you must enter the email address of the primary member to properly verify your membership.

What if I have questions or need help?

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For questions or technical support, please contact